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    7 days

    Short Story Writing Express Program

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    11th Feb '24

    Build your foundation


    Program Duration

    7 Days


    Batch Size

    Up to 100 members


    Content Duration

    5 hours of content



    Beginners to intermediate

    This program includes


    It starts with the expert - led live mentoring sessions and learning modules


    Find your genre and create short stories that resonate with your readers


    Incorporate your learnings to turn into a best- selling short story

    Certificate of completion

    When you finish more than 90% of the modules


    7 days of creativity and feedback later, and on a selection basis, get a chance to publish your short story.

    Program Content

    1. Unleashing the Writer's Craft

    Introduction of the mentor

    All about writing

    How to find time and space to write

    Essential before you start writing

    Exploring Essential Writing Tools

    Finding ideal environment to write

    2. Elements of writing a short story

    Types of stories : novels, novellas and short stories

    To plot or not to plot a story

    Fundamentals of Plotting (Western method)

    Indian way of Plotting and Storytelling

    Types of plot

    Linear Plotting through a first Person POV

    Other POV’s

    Explaining Ramayana

    Writing Short Story With the mentor

    3. Settings and symbolism

    Understanding Settings and Symbolism

    Panchbodha's - Elements of Storytelling

    Using Senses - The art of Showing, Not Telling

    How to write descriptively

    4. Dialogue and Character Interaction

    The art of characterization

    Characterization in Indian narratives

    Crafting impactful dialogues

    5. Navarasa - Emotions in Story Writing

    Shringara - The Essence of Love

    Hasya - The Joy of Laughter

    Karuna - The Depths of Compassion

    Raudra - The Power of Anger

    Veera - The Strength of Courage

    Bhayanaka - The Chilling Embrace of Fear

    Bibhatsa - The Unsettling Realm of Disgust

    Adbhuta - The Essence of Wonder

    Shanta - The Serenity of Peace

    6. Editing and Revising

    How to Research

    Revision and Editing

    Embracing Feedback

    7. Exploring Different Genre




    Crime and Thriller

    Who will teach you?


    Anand Neelakantan

    Anand Neelakantan, a revolutionary storyteller, defies conventional norms and fearlessly explores untold stories of well-known mythological characters. Through his unique narratives, he takes readers on thought-provoking journeys that challenge established beliefs. As one of India's top-selling authors, Neelakantan has made a significant impact in the world of mythological fiction. He has authored 12 books in English and 1 in Malayalam, captivating readers with his imaginative storytelling. His book "Asura: Tale of the Vanquished" gained immense recognition and was featured in Amazon Books editors' list of "100 books by Indian authors to read in a lifetime." Furthermore, three of his books, "Asura: Tale of the Vanquished" (2013), "Ajaya: Roll of the dice" (2014), and "Rise of Sivagami" (2018), were shortlisted for the prestigious Crossword Book Award. Neelakantan's talent as a writer has been acknowledged by various publications. Indian Express rated him as one of the most promising writers, Daily News and Analysis recognized him as one of the six most remarkable writers of 2012, and Financial Express ranked him as the second most read writer of 2012. "The Rise of Sivagami", one of Neelakantan's notable works, garnered praise from top Indian book reviewers, showcasing his exceptional storytelling skills. In 2014, he was honored with the Radio City Freedom Award for Best Fiction.

    Benefits of joining our program

    ~Protect your IP rights Mugafi protects your IP’s and makes sure you earn as per industry standards

    ~Genre specific sessions Get genre-specific sessions and craft short stories tailored to your preferred genre

    ~Earn Certificate Upon 90% course completion you will earn a certificate from Mugafi

    ~Chance to Publish Selected Short Stories will be get published into anthology by Mugafi

    Why join our Short Story Writing Express Program?

    Write your first short story with us

    Selected stories will be produced by Mugafi into a antology

    Fast track your learning

    Start creating side-by-side as you learn

    Build a network

    Become a part of our large community of creators

    Kickstart your career

    Start your journey towards being an industry expert, with us

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    Frequently asked questions

    Who can join the course?

    This program is for passionate writers with basic or intermediate knowledge of writing techniques, the will to learn, and an ambition to build a career out of it.

    This is an online program, so all of your classes will be taken remotely. The Live Session is tailored to provide you with the best of industry knowledge and guidance.

    Enrollment can be done by registering at https://mugafi.com/club. Once done, our counselor will reach out to you for further details.

    No, you can only enroll in one program at once. However, we offer some combo programs where you can enroll yourself in two courses at once; but these can’t be custom-tailored to your choice.

    Yes, we follow a robust system of personalized feedback to help you improve your craft. Our writing team provides extended support to help you brainstorm story ideas, eliminate writer’s block and get the ball rolling. And our Live Session gives you an opportunity to discuss your queries.

    Yes, if your original work is selected and placed, we help you publish it into an anthology.

    No, you only pay a one-time registration fee to join us. Publishing your work is a product of your successful work submission and acceptance that doesn’t require you to pay any additional charges.

    Upon 90% completion of the program, you can generate your certificate from the dashboard. You can download and receive it in your registered mailbox.

    Yes, we offer a few scholarships. The extended value will be decided upon the submission of your sample work/ content, at the sole discretion of the program management team.

    You can pay via Debit/ Credit Cards (except SBI), Net Banking, UPI, Wallets and EMI.

    We keep posting relevant opportunities for you. However, successfully availing them is subject to compliance between the offered project and your produced content.

    You can connect with our counselor at 9289466692 or write to us at hello@mugafi.com.