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    6 months

    Author Program

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    4th Feb '24

    Build your foundation


    Program Duration

    6 Months


    Batch Size

    Up to 100 members


    Content Duration

    15 hours of learning



    Intermediate to Advanced

    This program includes


    15 hours of recorded content

    Learn from Industry experts


    Live feedback & Doubt-solving

    One mastermind session during the course


    On-demand video

    Access content on our mobile app & website


    Certificate of Completion

    When you finish more than 90% of the modules

    What will you learn in this program?

    1.  Introduction to Fiction

    Find your unique Ideas & Working on your craft

    Choosing your Genres

    2. Plot and Character Building

    Building Character

    Building Plot

    3. All about Point of View and Description

    Understanding Point of View

    Writing Description

    4. Completing the story

    How to write impactful Dialogues

    Revision & Ending

    5. Self realizations

    Removing Psychological Barrier

    6. The Art of Collaboration

    Why is brainstorming with others important?

    Art of Collaboration

    7. The Bestselling Business

    How to create Manuscripts?

    Publishing your book online, Publishing Audio-book

    8. Marketing & Monetization

    Marketing and Brand Building

    Ways of Monetization

    Who will teach you?


    Sumrit Shahi


    Tanmaye Dubey


    Sudeep Nagarkar


    Satya Vyas

    How does Author Program Work?

    Ideation- It starts with the expert- led live mentoring sessions and learning modules

    Discovery- Find your writing style and create stories that resonate with your readers

    Editing- Incorporate your learnings to turn your manuscript into a best- selling story

    Publishing- 6 weeks of creativity and feedback later, you’ll have a story handy

    Benefits of joining our program?


    Protect your IP rights

    Mugafi protects your IP’s and makes sure you earn as per industry standards


    Earn 100% royalties

    Earn 100% royalties from your published work


    Earn licensing fees

    You earn a significant percentage from your produced content with Mugafi


    Launch distribute and monetize

    Stories will be selected, published and launched by Mugafi

    Here’s what our members have to say

    "It was a great way to get feedback and direction for a story idea that needed both. The team was very generous with her feedback! Timely, insightful and very elaborative with rather good suggestions! Highly recommend it if you are looking to grow and polish your work!"

    Abir Mishra

    Author Program

    "I found the course very liberating. I received constructive feedback which was always missing as I insisted on writing alone. This course totally changed the way I think about writing. The lessons and live sessions were a great source of learning and the workbooks were very helpful in crafting my own story. Would have loved to meet you guys and have these sessions in person!"

    Ananya Mehra

    Author Program

    "Excellent. An inspiring and productive eight weeks of pure brainstorming and learning with ideas I will carry forward. I’ll be rolling out my book very soon and have already started writing the story for the next one! I am boosted with so much self confidence and I owe a great lot of it to Mugafi and the amazing industry professionals!"

    Niharika Shah

    Author Program

    "It was a terrific book writing journey! Mugafi provided meaningful content based on each week's lessons and the assignments allowed for a variety of writing styles and killer ideas. I found the workbook material interesting and educational. And hard to miss the best part— I’m gonna get published for the very first time and Mugafi simplified that process for me."

    Divya Khati

    Author Program

    Frequently asked questions

    Who can join the course?

    This program is for passionate writers with basic knowledge of writing techniques, the will to learn, and an ambition to build a career out of it.

    This is an online program, so all of your classes will be taken remotely. Each of our Live Sessions is tailored to provide you with the best of industry knowledge and guidance.

    Enrollment can be done by registering at https://mugafi.com/club. Once done, our counselor will reach out to you for further details.

    programs simultaneously?

    No, you can only enroll in one program at once. However, we offer some combo programs where you can enroll yourself in two courses at once; but these can’t be custom-tailored to your choice.

    Yes, we follow a robust system of personalized feedback to help you improve your craft. Our writing team provides extended support to help you brainstorm story ideas, eliminate writer’s block and get the ball rolling. And our Live Sessions give you an opportunity to discuss your queries with the industry experts directly.

    Yes, if your original work is selected and placed, we help you launch, monetize and distribute it across platforms

    No, you only pay a one-time registration fee to join us. Publishing your work is a product of your successful work submission and acceptance that doesn’t require you to pay any additional charges.

    Upon 90% completion of the program, you can generate your certificate from the dashboard. You can download and receive it in your registered mailbox.

    Yes, we offer a few scholarships. The extended value will be decided upon the submission of your sample work/ content, at the sole discretion of the program management team.

    You can pay via Debit/ Credit Cards (except SBI), Net Banking, UPI, Wallets and EMI.

    Upon the selection of your produced content by the concerned production/ publishing authority, you’ll be assigned the work and can start earning.

    (Please note that we post these work opportunities often to ensure maximum exposure.)

    We keep posting relevant opportunities for you. However, successfully availing them is subject to compliance between the offered project and your produced content.

    You can connect with our counselor at 9289466692 or write to us at hello@mugafi.com.