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'Lucius' Age: Mid-20s Occupation- lawyer and a master's student. Personality: Temperamental, sagacious, dubious, dynamic, full of personality, strong in character, fastidious, humane, deep thinker, faultfinding, charismatic, and work-shy. Appearance: Sparkling brown eyes; athletic and strong; muscular yet lean; stands 5'11" tall; has a charming smile. Has short, dark brown, curly hair and is well groomed. Hobbies and Interests: Lucius is a sporty person; he enjoys athletic activities such as swimming, yoga, running, and working out. He is also creative and talented; he writes poetry, reads, does research, and draws well. He relishes discovering new lands and cultures and has a passion for travel. Goals: Lucius is a minimalist; he desires only a comfortable, pleasant, and joyful lifestyle. His primary wish is for his loved ones to remain safe and happy. "Overall, Lucius is a wise man. He likes to give his full attention to important matters, which makes him a great decision-maker and leader. This quality attracts people to him. He provides excellent advice on various subjects and remains wise in every situation. He embodies two contrasting personalities within himself, and he is strong both mentally and physically. He doesn't actually desire much for himself; he is, after all, a minimalist."

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