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CreatorsOfTheMonth##Children'sDay My fondest memory of my childhood is about the summer vacations which we had for the whole April and May months to celebrate. A neighbourhood with lot of children, both parents were working in government sector (almost of all children) so leaving the pranky gang of 15 all alone from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and we really celebrated. Ours was a big courtyard with a pond which over flows in the monsoon. we all learned swimming using tied coconuts to float. we had good aim when it comes to throw stones at the mangoes on the top branch of the tree .We could climb trees just like monkeys .There were five varieties of mango trees, trees of Almond, Cashew, Guava,Chikku etc. and we had this fruits as snacks instead of biscuits or cakes. We would make a stage with four bamboo sticks and my mother's sarees as curtains to enact plays/ drama /skit and by the age of 14 we could start even an Association of our group registered with a famous media house in Kerala . Still my childhood friends cherish this memory through our WhatsApp group and we feel pity to our children who are growing in Concrete jungles with no time to play. Childhood was a celebration then. We never had differences of caste/ creed/ money/ gender. There was a togetherness in everything we did. Still those summer vacation memories bring a smile to us though We are scattered in different parts of the world but still connected.

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