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#MyBiggestChallenge #CreatorsOfTheMonth People say the arts are creative. Some say right-brained are creative. I believe in STEAM which helps you embrace creativity.Just like you use maths in your daily life, you need a little bit of creativity and creative thinking in life. The artificial difference between the logical scientific left brain and the creative right brain prevents you from fully utilizing your whole brain We are all creative. Just in different ways. I read an article that YouTube for Creators shared. About women creators who inspire. Rosie an engineer for renewable and clean energy (Engineering with Rosie-Youtube Channel )explained how her first engineering work involved sewing clothes for her barbie and baking!That's super cool. Imagine most of us have done this and that's how in different ways we use our creative thinking every day. Writing is a very inclusive way of being creative. It's possible to start anytime. You can start with a pen and paper or on your phone. Believing in my ability to be creative was my biggest challenge. It's hard not to compare my work with those of others .Even harder was showing up when self doubt burns you up.Platforms like Unlu help creatives start creating from a place of inclusion. That's the reason I create.To share my story and there may be someone just like me . Image credit Dr.Amrita Basu. CC Dr.Amrita Basu

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