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3 Mistakes To Avoid When You Start a Blog #LetsGoPost I was lucky when I started blogging.I had a blogging angel called AmyLynnAndrews. From her blog I learned aboutbPat Flynn,Neil Patel, Brian Dean. That led me to find virtual blogging mentors who earned money online as a business. That led me to appreciate relevant source of help and looking for the authority of the person sharing the information. To avoid following the advice of every  W,Y ,Z and check the real life  credentials of the people you follow . Telling people it's just a hobby .Because honestly that devalues all your hard work .It may be part time but ,it's meaningful and that's why you do it. Not remembering the free blog is not really free. You pay for internet and with your time.You can't earn more time, so spend time with care. Copyright belongs to Amrita Basu.All rights reserved. First published on healthwealthbridge.com

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