Copyright Policy

Last Updated on 1 June, 2021

i. Every creator upon publishing their original work on Mugafi becomes the copyright owner of such work. Copyright owners have exclusive rights to such content and others cannot use the same in any manner unless permitted.
ii. Creators should only publish their own creations on Mugafi ie. The copyright of the contents should be owned by the creator. If a user violates the copyright of others ie, he/she publishes someone else's content, Mugafi reserves the right to suspend his/her account. Legal action might also ensue.
iii. After posting a content on Mugafi, there is no change in the copyright ownership. The copyrights still belong to the authors only. Mugafi does not own the copyright for any content.
iv. Users should not copy or steal any content from Mugafi and post on any other medium. This will violate the copyright of the author.

Report users

If you find a user indulging in any activity like using abusive language, posting sexual content, using hate speech, violating copyrights etc., please report the user profile to us. Our team will block the user profile within 72 hours of reporting.
To report a user or post on community, please send a mail to: community@mugafi.com

User content protection

Your information is safe with us. Mugafi will use your personal details only as mentioned in the privacy policy or for any other purpose only with your explicit consent. For more details please visit our privacy policy section.

My question isn't listed here

Please reach out to us for any other queries. We are happy to help you. You can e-mail us at: community@mugafi.com. We will resolve your queries within 24-72 hours.