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An article was originally written by Justine Jacob THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A SAINT "In religious belief, a saint is a person who is recognized as having an exceptional degree of holiness, likeness, or closeness to God." God created man in his image and likeness. I mean that when we were born into this world, we were innocent with a pure heart. But somewhere down the line at around the age of 8 or 10 years, we lost the innocence of our hearts because of many worldly influences on our lives. We began our journey to teenagehood when we developed a dirty thing called ego. In most of us, the ego within us develops into a monster as we enter into our adulthood and beyond. But Jesus taught us in the Holy Bible, "If someone slaps you on the right cheek, show them the left too." A saint is a person who follows the teachings of Jesus Christ, even to the point of always forgiving the enemies an endless number of times. All the saints had to undergo problems of all kinds from friends and foes alike. Misunderstandings may happen even from within the saint's family and in the community he serves. Many times the saint will have no one to share the grief except God. A few spiritual people call it the Dark Night of the Soul, while some others term it as spiritual confusion. But a few others call it total nonsense. That is a fact of life. Most saints began their lives doing many wrongs. But slowly they perfected their character going through ups and downs in their relationship with others. The saints walked their talk at least in the latter part of their lives. That is to say, they became living examples of leading an exemplary life to be followed by others. Never think that saints were born with all the virtues required in life. On the contrary, every saint was greatly influenced by his immediate family members and the community he served. Humility is the cardinal virtue followed by every saint to such an extent that they were even ready to wash the feet of their disciples. Humility is knowing our unworthiness and limitations before the Almighty. Thus living a life of humble submission before God and men. A humble person empties his ego and greatness, considering himself as a servant of God. Most saints forced themselves to live in poverty and were fully obedient to elders and the authority even when they felt that they were 100 percent right on a matter in question. Almost all saints had a spiritual director or guide to show them the right path to live in this world. All saints were men of prayer, fasting, and doing penance. They helped the poor and needy people in society. The saints read the holy books of religions and put into practice the teachings of God. The saints also taught others to dutifully follow the principles of life as taught in the holy books. Finally, let me tell all of you that becoming a saint is a calling by God. A human being can only cooperate with the will of God to make him a saint. We have to depend on the abundant mercy of God rather than on our goodness. All saints at one time or another had difficulty understanding the will of God in their lives. I exhort all of you to lead a saintly life in this world and reach heaven to enjoy eternal bliss in the company of angels, saints, and the Almighty.

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