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Plot: After 15 years of World War III, a young man is sitting on a White River Beach in the middle of the forest, remembering his past. Suddenly, something crashes in the forest, and the young man goes to search for it. There, he finds an UFO crashed and someone injured. ~character: (a young man) Apollo is a young man in his 30s who works as a virtual reality therapist. He is a brave man known for his intelligence, wit, and loyalty. Searching for the meaning of life ~character: (an alien) Callidora is a young alien who guards the remaining forest and is known for his superhuman strength, loyalty, flight, and sense of duty for the forest. timeline: (2100) After the devastation of World War III, humanity is on the brink of collapse. However, a highly advanced alien species known as the Zephyrians makes contact with Earth, offering their help in rebuilding the planet.

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