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An article was originally written by Justine Jacob DON'T WORRY, BUT BE HAPPY There are times when we feel alone even while living with family members which includes parents, spouses, siblings, children etc. This loneliness is mostly because our loved ones don't understand or sync with the personal problems in our life. But I won't blame your loved ones who cannot empathise with you because of many reasons. Maybe your loved ones themselves might be undergoing some serious issues which for some reason or other could not be shared with you. At other times your loved ones don't have money to help you to overcome your debt or bad financial situation. Finally, you're loved ones could not connect with your wavelength to rightly understand your situation. Why don't you create a good relationship with God? It takes time and perseverance, to build a good relationship with the almighty. Most of the time God speaks to us when our souls are clean without sins. Hence forgive everyone in your life and love others from the bottom of your heart without expecting anything in return. Be an open-minded person and not be judgemental. Most of the time we feel stressed out and cannot think right about how to tackle the problems of life. I want you to share your worries and confusions with a good counsellor or a mature spiritual person and seek his opinion on how to proceed in life. This is not the end of the world. Be optimistic in life. Remember that thousands of other people are facing similar problems as yours in this world. Try to be cheerful because we live only once in this world. Finally, pray to God at all times.
Devraj singh Dangi
unlu user

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