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An article was originally written by Justine Jacob HOW DOES THE HEAVEN LOOK LIKE? The concept of heaven can vary greatly depending on different cultures, religions, and individuals. However, in many religions, heaven is often described as a paradise or a perfect realm of existence, where souls go after death. For example, in Christianity, heaven is described as a place of eternal joy and peace, where believers are reunited with loved ones and God. The Bible mentions that heaven has streets of gold, gates of pearls, and a river of life. In Islam, heaven is described as a garden of perpetual bliss, with flowing rivers, luxurious mansions, and beautiful companions. Heaven is the eternal resting place of good souls reached after death. The angels and saints are floating in the sea of purity. We don't need to feed on food or water in heaven. The angels are always singing praises to God, the creator of the universe. Some say a day in heaven is many years on earth. There are many stories about how a person is allowed inside heaven. The Guardian of Heaven St. Peter read the Book of Life before a soul that reached the heavens gate. Jesus' promise to give him the "keys of the kingdom" led to the popular perception of Peter as the gatekeeper of heaven. According to the life you lead on earth, a person is allowed inside heaven. I disagree with people who say that there is no heaven outside the world. But we indeed can make our earthly life heaven-like by loving, forgiving, being merciful, compassionate and helping other people in society. Overall, the idea of heaven is often associated with feelings of happiness, peace, and fulfilment, and it is usually depicted as a beautiful and perfect place that transcends the limitations of our earthly existence.

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