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Bambi left with two life lessons that are of utmost importance : 1) In his young days when Bambi used to look out for his mother whenever she was away the Old Stag used to say, "Can't you stay by yourself?." "Your mother has no time for you." Encouraging Bambi to find out new trails on his own and discover himself. But, the old stag never left him, whenever Bambi was at crossroads he used to appear to guide him, which proved he was always at his back. 2) Bambi also tried to live alone away from his acquaintances as he thought they were making him weak but little did he know he grew mentally weaker every day. During those days of loneliness, he didn't realize the old stag was always there like a shadow.  Later old stag took him back to the woods and freed him away from his fear of death through the HE and made him realize there's only one power empowering everyone no other can exist and left Bambi with the family. The old stag never wanted Bambi to be all alone to find himself or cut all ties to discover his strengths and be progressive, only he wanted Bambi to be an independent self-assured individual.
Raghav  Goyal
pradeep kaur

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