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Are Monday blues painting you into a not-so-creative hue today? We have a trick to get you to beat that!🥱🌊 Today, say hey to the cliché!🤫 If you’re not in the mood to dance around to new music and ideas like a maniac or go all in with the out of the box ideas, go back to the tried-and-true methods of fighting a creative block. Take a break, or a nap. Make lists of inspiring ideas. Read lists of inspiring ideas. Freewrite until a good idea comes along. Stare at a wall (or preferably, nature). And there’s always coffee, for our dreary Mondays. There’s no surefire way of beating a non-creative day, but by being present in your approach to brain drain, you might find yourself get your brain back on track!🤝🏼📝 #WritersofMugafi #writingtips #writerscommunity #writersblock
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