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CreatorsOfTheMonth##2022Wrapped## When I look back at this point of year ending ,2022 was not very bad .My father succumbed to cancer last year leaving all the family members depressed. Though everybody was around me ,I felt all alone because my father was always my strength throughout my life. My friends literally dragged me to SMULE app asking me to sing and relive my childhood passion so that I can divert my mind. Then, from 2022 January I started my singing spree . Again had to attend to my mother's hospitalisations, causing tensions physically and mentally ,was almost drained out but never stopped singing in smule since it soothes me. By then UNLU team picked me up from the Jam with Abhay contest and gave me the fellowship in october that changed my life . Till then, life was normal with nothing to look foward to. My life was just like a winded up clock, working like a programmed machine. Things changed now and I don't have time to think of anything that frustrates me .Whenever I get free time I start smule_ing and Unlu_ing .The whole year was all music to me. My family also feels happy seeing me fully engaged with what I love. Everybody at home _ my hubby, children were affected by my sadness which was caused by the struggles, we went through last year.Now,we have all made it a habit to find happiness in the least or smallest things of daily life. So overall 2022 is ending like a soft melody for me .Thanks to team Unlu ,fellows and my friends who showered me with their love ,support and encouragement. Feels blessed and I hope for a Happy New Year head.

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