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The never ending Chaos , hustling youths , responsible citizen groups and an immensely charming weather - this city needs no introduction , Yes I am talking about Bengaluru or may be I should say "NAMMA BENGALURU" During the college days , I visited Bangalore a couple of times and like most of new comers , I was mesmerized by its IT crowd and pub culture if not the traffic . And now after 7 years of stay in the city of gardens , while my idea on traffic is much the same , but definitely my admiration for this city and its people have gone past just its IT and pubs . One of the key things that makes Bengaluru different then any other city is its welcoming crowd . Whether you are from kashmir or KanyaKumari ; Gujrat or Arunachal Pradesh , there is hardly anyone who will not feel home here . Restaurants , communities , adventure , meet ups , startups to gardens there is something for each and everyone . Bengaluru localities are one of the most humble and welcoming people I have ever met in my life and that tell volumes about why people love staying here And did I tell you about the colorful springs in Bengaluru or the ride to Nandi Hills yet ? Well , its an icing on the cake for nature lovers #unlu -Ankur Sharma

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