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#Childrensday #CreatorsOfTheMonth My fondest childhood memory is the memory of our class picnics. Yes, class picnics happened once a year usually. But in Class five we four friends decided once a year was too little and decide to do something along the lines of the Malory towers midnight feast. So we zeroed in on feasting once a week. But how to manage a feast in school? When there's a will, there' away. The tiffin time would serve as make-shift picnic time and each of us would bring something to share and feast on.The day was finalized. The last hurdle was talking to our mothers. Luckily moms in those days like us today were always wondering about what to give for tiffin that would be healthy, tasty, and be eaten. Yes, that's a worry because kids are experts at exchanging their nutritious yet unimaginative snacks, for something delicious and (usually)unhealthy. So when we decided on the menu, we picked one item each and told our mothers that they would need to make four servings of it, wonder of wonder they agreed. The stuffed paneer paratha, aloo dum, fish chop, chicken cutlets or fish cutlets, fruit cakes, and tea cakes made for delicious memories over tiffin break. I don't remember when we stopped doing it, but the memory of those chicken cutlets and fruit cakes still makes my mouth water. School friendships are like testing waters for adult relationships.My best friend from school is settled abroad and the last we met was in 2004. The years seem to fade into one another as we have more silver in our hair. Sometimes we wonder about purani jeans and woh pal and even if we did fit into those purani jeans ,woh pal is gone forever. Except in my memories. This was first written here https://healthwealthbridge.com/fondest-childhood-memori... Image credit Dr.Amrita Basu. CC Dr.Amrita Basu

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