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Standing in line at the airport, I feel somebody bump into me from behind. When I look back, I find myself face to face with a lady, covered head to toe in black. The long trenchcoat is an odd choice for the weather, but I don't comment. She doesn't apologise, and instead, continues looking all around as if expecting somebody to jump out of the shadows any moment now. The act makes me feel a little nervous, so I turn back. A few seconds later, she pats me to call my attention. I look back curiously to find her holding out a package to me. Raising a brow, I wait for her to speak. "Please, can you carry this to the plane for me? I promise it's safe. It's been through the security check already. If you agree to this, I will pay you for your kindness." The strange request turns me apprehensive, and when she sees me hesitating, she speaks up once more. "Please, don't say no. I really need your help." Hesitating, I consider her request before asking, "You'll pay me?" She eagerly nods her head. The offer is not too bad. Not to mention, I really need some extra cushioning for my pockets. Bills don't come cheap these days. But what if.... Before I can say anything, she slaps a few crisp bills in my hand. The amount is enough to shut me up, and swallowing my doubts, I take the package from her hand. As soon as that's done, she gets out of the line and disappears in the crowd. I board the plane, and it's only when I sit down in my seat that the weight of the package starts feeling too heavy in my hands. What is in it? And why was the lady so eager to hand it off? These questions raise my heartbeat, and fear douses my brain in sickening waves. My stomach revolts, and I almost faint at the thought of what would happen if I'm found with something terrible inside this package. Hands shaking, I start opening it slowly. The fear is too much, and I can't go a second more without knowing what's in it. When I lift the lid, my mouth drops open in shock. I stare at the contents for the longest time; confusion marring my thoughts. The single sheet inside has a child's drawing on it. It's a simple tree, with a little girl sitting under it with her dog. The rough sketching and the messy colouring makes me laugh a little, but I still don't see why the lady wanted me to carry this. Just then, my eyes fall on a neatly folded letter inside. I open it, and read : 'Hello. I know you must be wondering about the strange contents of this box. It's not a given, but I'm sure your curiosity and fear must have prompted you to open it. I'm Agatha, Christina's mom. She made that drawing you just saw. My sweet, brave girl fought for the longest time with leukemia, but the disease was too fatal for her small body. That last day I sat down with her, she told me it was her wish that the whole world see the painting she made. My sweet girl thought she drew a masterpiece. And for me it is. The best in this world. I hope you look at it as a treasure too. I'm placing that drawing and this letter here, and i hope when you have looked at it, you will pass it on to the next stranger in this world. Someone else who will know that an angel like my Christi lit up this world for a short while. I wish you nothing but the best, dear stranger. You're making my girl's wish come true, and I'm sure she's happy watching this from wherever she is." Quietly, I fold the letter back and close the box. Silent tears roll down my cheeks as I look out at the passing clouds. Two hours later, when I get off the plane, I know what I have to do. Carrying the box with me, I go behind the gentleman I see up ahead. Then I tap him on the shoulder. #unlucollab , #creatorsofthemonth

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