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I was standing by a window watching the flakes slowly and silently fall. Suddenly, I saw something outside that snapped me out of my reverie. “It was him”, I gasped. I can not forget the eyes of that monster that took away my whole life. He killed my sister. I was on the second floor. I needed to get down fast. I placed my hot chocolate on the window sill and paced to the stairs. I was going very fast, not even caring about the office shoes that might make me slip. After bumping and hitting two colleagues I was finally on the ground floor. I ran to the main gate. I was outside my office building. Now my eyes searched for that man everywhere. I was looking at every face. I just couldn’t find him. I started pacing in the direction where he was headed. I was bumping into people as it was a busy evening. Suddenly I sensed a pair of eyes glancing at me. I turned around, it was him. I screamed and ran towards him. I reached there and saw he was not there, he has again vanished into the crowd. I can not lose him now after all these years. I searched in the crowd once more. I saw him again. This time I made sure I do not scream and let him go again. I paced towards him. He was casually walking in the crowd. He sensed me and started moving fast. I closed the distance between us and paced forward. He started running. I also started running towards him. I can not lose him this time, this is the only thought that was running through my mind. He slipped into a tight lane. That lane was also packed with people buying things for the festival. I came close to him. He turned around and was about to attack me with a big butcher's knife, I reached into my holster, took my gun out, and fired at point blank in his heart. He just fell there. I have had my revenge. Yes! My revenge was over, but my questions were not. I did not want to end it like this. I wanted to capture him, put him in my lock up and ask all the questions I had in my mind that were killing me every day and will continue to haunt me for the rest of my life. Before all of this, I had a hope of getting them answered. But now the hope is gone. The person whom I was searching for 5 years, 3 months, and 22 days was in front of my eyes, lifeless. He cannot talk anymore. I will never have answers to my questions, ever. Soon ASI Amit Kumar and two Hawaldars were also there who followed me after seeing me running out of the police headquarters. They started managing the crowd that was just dumbfounded after what has just happened. Today I, ACP Arjun Sharma, got my revenge but not in the manner I thought. #CreatorsOfTheMonth #FellowAtUnlu

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