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#firstpage challenge Below is the first page of my book Attu's Adventure: Aayat's shopping day,: One day Aayat, my 5 year old daughter came toe and said ," ammi , today I want to go out to eat ice cream " ,"ok, lets go" i said. " get ready". i dressed up Aayat properly combed her hair, and then we went out holding each other's hand walking, in the gali,'s of our mohalla.We both were walking till we reach the rickshaw stand which was 10 minutes walking distance from my house.while we reached half path distance we saw ratna ,Mam's general merchant shop.(ratna mam is Aayat's tutor ). Aayat saw the shop and said, "mama, i want to buy something"."ok, you can buy whatever you want" i said. " ok, give me 5 coffee bite, 2 gems, 1 frooti". ,"ok, take it, here it is"anjani 11 year old daughter of ratna mam was giving all the stuff to Aayat took the polythene , and then we held each other hand again and moved towards the street.

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