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THE FORTUNE BY: Harihar Pai "Look there... That's the woman." "Oh! Is it her? " There was an outlandish silence in the marriage hall. Eyes were fine-tuned on the women, and gossip was rife. The woman manoeuvred through the sea of people in the hall. It made her uncomfortable to receive such dispensable attention, and she clenched her saree border as she moved toward the stage to greet the newlyweds. The girl Shalini was getting more attention than the resplendent bride. A smile was plastered on Shalini's face, a mix of determination and resignation to the fact that these endless eyes upon her didn't mean anything to her. Shalini was not a celebrity but a mundane village woman. But for that one incident, people started comparing her with Shivaji Maharaja. That night, as she always did, she tethered her cow at night in a dark cowshed. Such mundane activities are a part of her daily routine and do not merit media attention. After a while, a roar woke the entire village. The roar came from a huge tiger which was devouring her cow. The animal she tethered in her sleepy eyes was not a cow but a tiger. A tiger had been feasting on the cow and slumbering on its carcass. When everybody woke up and saw the real situation, all were struck with horror. Shalini was equally scared, how to untie it now? When the villagers got together, they started pelting stones at the tiger. After a desperate struggle, the tiger uprooted the pole and disappeared into the forest along with the rope. It was just a claw punch for the tiger to lay Shalini on the ground. However, it still remains a mystery why tiger didn't react when Shalini tied him to the pole. Mystery made her a sensation. #fishflashfiction

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