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"collab" my creator journey: I first heard the voice of my talent as a poet, when I was in school, once there was an opportunity for all the students to submit their entries in the school magazine of whatever they want to submit story, poem, etc. , I just got a feeling that I might try my hands in poetry and can write a poem and submit it for the magazine and it might get published, and I might get famous and recognized in school for my literary skills. so, I wrote a poem on myself and my interaction with the school life and submitted it, however it didn't get published. so, I gave up the idea, of it, of writing a poem, later in life,once I wrote a poem in my diary about life.....and my mother saw that and realised that it was very good, she suggested me to send this poem to magazines it might get published. so, I sent it to various magazines and I got response from one of the magazines kadambini they have agreed to publish my poem and after few months my first poem got published in kadambini magazine and also I got a cheque as a reward prize of 500 rs. that was my most memorable moment. Then , later in life, I wrote many poems and sent it to many magazines, although it didn't get published. Then, I wrote poems for my college magazines and it got published which increased my confidence in my ability as a poet.Later, recently, I found the unlu app, and started participating in various poetry contests and enrolled in various courses. I also won many prizes and contests which increased my confidence all the more. My victory as a poet, when my poems gets published or win prizes adds to my happiness and all the more the times spend in writing poem gives me a lot of happiness. The challenges I faced were a lot of rejections by magazines, and literary agencies, by which I got really disheartened, and discouraged and really for sometime gave up the idea of writing poetry. Also., I faced challenges of Criticism of that my poem is not good and not up to the mark. But overall,gradually I learnt that you should keep writing good poetry whether it's get published or appreciated or not. so,this was ,my creator journey and it was both exciting and fun.

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Husna  Banu
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