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#Letsgopost #lets unlu #Unlu community Title : 4 ways to tackle writers block or readers block The transformation of a reader to a book reviewer consists of pros and cons . A writer is always a reader first. The decisiveness, persistence , patience, passion are needed to carry out without doing flaws . There is a great insight involved with factors to out forth the challenges and face them. If you are one of the authors on Good reads , kindle or a book blogging influencer you would surely get to set the reading books target or monthly reading pile on time which makes you tense when your fellow friends are completing their reading list and your not . I am often bogged down by my daily chores and motherly duties so much it does degrade , frustrate ,loose confidence to continue further reading . That’s precisely what happens, but what can be the reasons for not writing or reading for a while or a long time? Here I would wish to pendown the reasons and  tell you how to tackle them. A writers life  needs the consent  of mother nature , most of us accept   nature's  bliss and consent is one form of  rejunivation and  entertainment  to human body ,mind and soul.  The reasons to back off from these tasks :1. Procrastination 2. household chores 3. Attending parties etc. 1.Don't stress : From a book reviewer point of view I would say this is really important not to stress  .  we give up easily ie start to stress ourselves  on our passion  which finally leaves with frustration  and low  productivity . If you feel the pressure  from your  clients and with bottled up unreivewing  books  it's  pathetic.  For a voracious  reader just free yourselves  and go on a vacay  to your Pal 's house or where you find some time to be yourself and give a good kick and finish the task. 2. Stay away from social media: Because seeing all your friends reading some book or the other is gonna stress you out. Some bookstagramers read 11-13 or even 20 books in a month. 3. Do Eco -tourism: As I mentioned earlier that stay close to mother nature and refresh yourself. Choose to travel sight seeing places of greenary etc fresh ,plenty of oxygen will be obtained. A short walk for few minutes can also helps you feel fresh and increase oxygen levels in your body. 4. Choose character centric travel :   For a writer, I mean use your time and plan places of visit which goes good with your drafting story  character or location/setting like   historic  forts, knowledge  base  industrial  visit etc.so that if you plan a short story to write can do it with ease .

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