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When did you first hear the voice of your talent? Talent?It's more like a blessing to be a creator .  It happened  in 2014 October when I first started balcony gardening .It was wonderful to see the sparrows come chirping into my balcony.I also had food and water for them. My humble balcony garden inspired the creative brain in me and I started my blog in 2014 October. There was no looking back .It was definitely something working in the universe to help me cope with the many challenges of life  I am an ENT surgeon by profession and worked as a Medical teacher until 2018 ,when I decided to start my own private practice. Since childhood I knew I wanted to be a doctor and a teacher.But writing ,painting,blogging,vlogging ,podcasting?Some of it wasn't even part of my vocabulary. But the Universe gives us exactly what we need  if not always what we want . So if you are someone wanting to start a creator journey don't over think it.Just start.Perfection is a myth. What Adds to Your Happiness Sharing what I know,what I have learned,my experiences adds to my happiness.Getting into the Flow of creating whether it's a blog post,a book ,a video or podcast is the best way to live a good life as a creator .As a creative artist I write, paint ,podcast and vlog too  .All of them together helps me tell my story of who I am,and what I do What Were the Challenges you faced? Challenges are a part of life and just like the good parts ,they teach too. Challenge includes the tech part,the actual creating part ,reaching an audience and them making money while staying sane and creative . Copyright belongs to Amrita Basu. All rights reserved. #writingchallenge

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