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#fishflashfiction Magical steps in my life Steps are the footprints in someone's life . In the same way she entered with her magical steps in my life. My life was full of downs and pain from every direction . I was forcing every single day to reach to good time of my life. I was completely fed up of my life. But I was habitual of living alone. One day when I was studying in class she entered and when she spoke her voice made my ears alert and changed my focus from studies to her . Her voice made my ears happy and pure . When I saw her my eyes also thanked to me to show such beauty . She was very beautiful girl, her eyes were reddish and shiny , and beautiful angel like hairs . A sweet blow came towards me when she saw me . I stepped in a outer world with her in thoughts. I was completely dipped with her beauty and love . I forgot every pain and suffering of my life seeing her . Then slowly we became friends, and spending time with her is the best usage of time for me . My mind was completely diverted from studies and I was only lost in her thoughts . She entered in my life like a magic as she removed loneliness from my life and brought Hapiness in life. Our became stronger day by day and full day only her name was on my lips . She acted like a medicine for me as she healed and forgotten every pain of my life . I also lunched with her and brought her favorite dish from my home . She was fond of rajma chawal and candies . So I spend full pocket money to daily bring candies for her . God sent her as angel to send Happiness to me.

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Husna  Banu

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