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#MonsoonContest Monsoon of love Monsoon is a season of rain Love is Hapiness you gain , Every relation should have a name so that if time plays a game Atleast the name sustain . It's a story of love of two love birds those as they were wet in sweet rain of monsoon of love . A boy named yash was a student of secondary school and a girl named priya was also a student of that class . One day yash was going to his school and suddenly heavy rain began as it was season of monsoon going on . So he ran fast to protect his uniform and suddenly priya came from opposite side. And bitha head got hurted by one another . They both saw in eyes of one other and fell in first sighted love. Both were sitting in that rain only unconsciously as they were out from world . They don't cares what's going on around them . And were punished in school as there dresses were wet and dirty due to rain . In punishment line of assembly also they were seeing in eyes of one another. But true love is very hard to get , means that there are many hurdles in true love story to reach to your love . Family of priya was of old mindset but priya believe and trust in power of true love . And uncle of priya is very aggressive in nature . He always stay angry and try to take physical action for everything. One day when priya and yash was meeting in school , a boy who was enemy of yash saw them together. And he also knows the nature of priya's uncle behaviour. So to take the revenge he went to her uncle and told about love story of priya and yash . He don't told this thing in home but plan to catch yash red handed with priya . Then only he will take some action towards them . So one day when they were coming home from school , her uncle went to pick her In his car and saw yash coming lovingly towards her . Then he called his man force and beaten him very badly . And also told in home that this girl has become so big to handle a relation . So we should to marriage of priya very urgently. And the next day only he brought a family relation for marriage to priya . And when yash got the news of priya's marriage he got depressed and locked him in a room . With passage of time , priya got married to a boy of there family's choice . Day by day condition of yash was decking due to depression as thoughts of lovely moments spent with each other was stuck so hardly . He was also stressed that- How will be my priya there ? So the pain of separation was intolerable, so that took life of yash . When priya came home for few days and she got the news of yash , she was hurted badly . And there love so strong and true that within few days only due to stress and pain priya also meet in stars . So no one can separate love birds , if anyone tries to do so on earth , they will meet in heaven where no one from family can stop them . Always support love and it is most powerful feeling in world .

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Vidit Jaiswal
Husna  Banu

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