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Towards True Freedom #shaameazaadi #collab Towards true freedom. That is something we can all strive for and work towards. But for that we must acknowledge that right for everyone. India is a 75-year-old democracy now.  One of the largest and now gives women more rights than America, with its back-to-middle-ages laws on reproductive rights of women. Do you see where I am going with this?  True freedom not only means we work towards our own freedom but for others, too.  But it starts with you. Educational freedom is the right to study whatever until whichever age, irrespective of economic status.  Equal opportunity for all to upskill in all vocational subjects.  Entrepreneurship training and opportunity to make Indians and India truly financially free. Promoting good health in what we produce, package, sell and eat is the best thing to do if you want to be free of preventable sources /causes poor health True freedom means freedom from cowardice.  To have freedom to stand up for truth. Freedom from laziness. Freedom from a glass half full mentality Freedom from negativity towards self and nation (doesn't mean we stop constructive criticism). Freedom to work and earn with dignity Freedom to be a lifelong learner Freedom from addiction and the companies and people who grow richer from others' misfortune. Freedom from prejudice Freedom from corruption Freedom from internal demons and those who want to destroy our country . Quality education supporting skills and good physical, mental and social health will make India truly free. Because together we are stronger. Free mein Roti, kapda aur makan zyada din chaltah nahin. It’s not sustainable.  There is a need to help people learn to give once they are out of the struggle zone.  Accountability and giving back will help us grow. What we need is a way to learn to make the roti, kapda and makan.  Freedom to choose, act and live with love in our hearts, hope in our minds and a smile on our face.  Because true freedom brings enormous responsibility.  Just like Amrit was impossible without the poison.  True Freedom is impossible without each of us doing our part. Let's do this.  One step at a time.  Each day we live should be towards that goal.

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Sushmita Pradhan
Husna  Banu

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