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#TellYourStory #WritingContest. #Collab Challenge character sketch : point of view: third person story structure: 5 part settings: open area, near adventurous mall, sky , police station. conflict: Man vs himself Theme: Life lessons and Hope Title : Steam Punk "It only took 5 seconds to fly high in the sky" , but her struggles defined her life rather than shaping her into an exemplary person  for others even though her hope and strong resilience made her smile and stand alone. Readers let me take you to the Julie's adventurous life. The story begins as  Listen! Julie “ Try to focus on your grade study and secure a good grade” said cousin Shyam to Julie . Yes, it is needed . “ That is what I guide her ." said her father to Julie’s cousin. A stable government job is all best for women and she always puts a deaf ear to me . “I am afraid of her study progress”, expelled his opinion to Julie . “ All ridiculous”, said Julie and moved on to her own world and stuff. Julie likes to be utterly bold , fiercely independent and out of box, she was trained in gymnastics , Archery tag battle gaming techniques etc. As days passed by , she lost her father and that was the situation to be all on her feet and be responsible to her family i.e. her mum and for younger brother. She always believed that to be a millenial girl and strives to quell the silence around daily struggles in life. Banking on hope was her moral weapon .She decided to sync and march with the thrill of chase  . Her hope pushed her in to light , but not into darkness.She decided to put a full-stop  for fight for tough days and became an air balloon operator/Paraglider operator in an adventurous spot and began to earn money. It is an adventurous place. There was a huge crowd near the amusement park “ Life at your feet –adventurous game spot” . "Here down the dark cave , you can find the steep and then go to right directed- a staff girl who worked over there" . The very visitor followed her instructions. After enjoying climbing up the level1 rocks, zip liner etc . Currently para-glide operator refused to take the visitor to a ride .Several people gathered over a place which is a 200m distant watching the breath -taking hot air balloon ride of “Julie lazar ” .Yeah ! a woman dressed in light blue checked Shirt ,tucked inside a denim grey coloured jeans and a short hair with a pixie cut. A rough and whitish brown facial complexion, thin in personality. A woman who reflects her attitude as a fiercely independent and merry little .She has got a crazy collection of ancient steampunk articles/objects. The very hot air balloon is what she owns to her and crazy about , in her life. She gathered several spectators around her while she was flying in air 200 ft above from the surface of the earth. “There she is ! " exclaimed Ishaan a co-worker from ticket counter stall. Julie has taken that task of customer riding and landed safely via parachute. "What an amazing fly with Julie " said the customer .Shooting pterodactyls , seagulls and sky whales has become her favourite past time but it turned to be all day long rides.She is good at a battle gaming like Archery tag and Rifle shoots which means she spends half her time in the air shooting down pterodactyls before the paying customers get too scared. It is a steam powered machinery rather than an advanced technology .A hot air balloon is meant for floating by propelling and maintaining a high altitude with the help of a burning gas. "It only took 5 seconds to  traverse far away in the sky , despite of hot airs blowing against her she aims to kill the sea gull which was flying 2000ft up in air which flapped up and hold it’s wings still at high speed. She is a sure shot aimer at pterodactyls flying in low lying altitudes. As days passed by , it so happened that she was interrogated by the local police and revealed that it is a crime, killing pterodactyls using aerostat craft . She is partly bad on her behaviour and so was made understood by the polices and law in the nation. After a few months , She re-initiated her career by establishing an art gallery - collection of antiques, steampunk clocks, glasses ,wall decors and fashion wear ,an unsung warrior .She is born with a penchant to make her aims real . She gained a chest of antiques treasure and used to gift them to people  she started introducing herself and took the topic of antiques and artefacts to people through  realtalks ie podcasts  which helped her hope to combat menace haunting in life.  

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