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#TellYourStory #collabchallenge #writingcontest ONE SIDED LOVE "It only took 5 seconds to realize that " Every relation should have a name So that if time plays a game , And even if we can't meet again Then also that name sustain , Love is bond of two sides . It's a true love story . 'As Love Birds are always thirsty of single view of their love ' In the same way - There was a boy named yuvraj studying in 10th standard and was good at his studies . During new admissions a girl named sneha entered in 11th class . Everything was going smoothly and timely . One day assembly ring ranged to ground and was lined up according to classes . And by destiny force , his eyes captured sneha's face for the first time and remained still . He fell in first sighted love with sneha and stepped in outer world from his world of books . "Love is anti-age and anti-caste, religion , only feelings are base of relationship " Sneha was only in front of his eyes full day . He was enjoying a sweet blow of happiness and love every second of his life after that .But he was unknown about that girl. He began research about her from his colleagues and his seniors as she was also a senior for him . He collected information about girl named SNEHA and about her background . His Love was reaching at it's peak day -by- day and sneha was unknown about it . She ... She was also good at academics and was enjoying her school life with her friends . But she was very good at sports like football , race and basketball. She participated in various state level sports competition from school's side . Yuvraj ........ He was facing many health issues from birth only as his immunity was very weak . And also when he was in 9th standard , he fell down on floor at his home and got a serious back injury . And day - by - day , his pain was increasing with every passing day . But ....... "Love overcome every pain , weakness and sadness of lover " His love reached at great height that even with severe pain he carries heavy bag and goes third floor till sneha's class to see her beautiful face every morning. His heart beats at high speed by seeing her face . He made her face his good luck .He slowly started meeting her with some excuses and made friendship . One year passed ......... There standards stepped forward as 11th and 12th class . He felt her friendship as her love . He became so mad in her love , that during lunch time of class of 30 minutes , he give only 10 minutes to himself eating food . Sometimes if 10 minutes gets over , he left his food and go to her class to meet her . Her voice act as a medicine for him as meeting her forgets his complete pain for that time . Once even after having severe back pain and strict restrictions of doctor , he participated in sports only to spend time with her. But Love and friendship has big difference from each other . But she didn't noticed his activities and struggle for her . "LOVE IS MOST BEAUTIFUL FEELING IN THE WORLD UNTIL IT STARTS CRIPPLING YOU " After few months ..... At the end of 12th standard , one day when he went in her class in lunch to meet her . He got a shocking news that in few days her engagement has been fixed by her family as her 12th is going to be over . "THE GROUND SLIPPED UNDER HIS FEET " This news shaked his whole world as it was unbelievable for him . "ONE SIDE LOVE IS ALSO MUCH PAINFUL FOR LIFE" When he went home , his heart full of tears burst . The next day he met her and asked ........... "Why are you marrying so early , you haven't thought of me " "As expressiveness of your feelings is must in life as otherwise it will lead to a heavy pay of life ." But she doesn't have such feelings of love for him , so it was so easy to for her that....... She............. "what can I do , it's my family wish " Her words made him speechless and act as a thunderstorm on him . After Engagement - One day he asked her where is your in laws house , give me the address. Whenever i wish to meet you I can come there . She said ...... Firstly, you have to come in my home functions and in marriage to join . And she gave her phone number and her home address to him . He was a little satisfied as he got the phone number, so he thought he can call her anytime .He mind was fully detached from studies , food and Hapiness of life . She called him in her marriage again and again by making call . But his steps was not moving forward to her marriage. He .... He was not capable of seeing her while being of someone others . So he denied of coming to marriage . After a year of marriage , His patience crossed the limit and he tried to call her on her number . She picked her call and her every single word was floating in form of tears from his eyes . This made his day . But it was not a long time Hapiness . When he again tried to call after a month , she ignored the ring . And when he tried again and again she picked once and scolded him not to call her again . She made an excuse that her husband raised question on her character because of you . This blame made his life upside down and shaked his whole world. Then have his number also wish to call but not able to call . This pain made him fell in situation of depression and he swallowed pain lonely . After many years .... He still wish and wait to meet her and is only alive till now because of this hope .

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