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An old Kashmiri Brahmin lady, endowed with an amazing compassionate personality and also being elder to my mother,after meeting me once developed a great affection as if I was a real son to her.I also accepted her as my spiritual mother. She was a genuine seeker who was unfathomably deep into spirituality and mysticism.Invariably she would tell me some new story from her experience when I visited her ,so far as I remember,without any break.One day she told me her experience of seeing a spirit(ghost).It was a night time and she was into her bed fully covered with a thick woollen blanket in an old inspection bungalow situated in the hills of the Himalayas.Just after the mid night she noticed a beam of light entering into her room through the window,which turned into a human form of some white man.That spirit opened the old cupboard lying in the room and arranged the articles and left the place quickly without disturbing the people present over and lying on the bed .On enquiry,the locals confirmed to have seen such visits by a spirit who had ,according to them .died an unnatural death in some violent incident. #tellyourstory

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