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A trip down the memory lane . Going back to my undergraduate college where I completed my MBBS was overwhelming.Stepping into the college,I felt like going back to mother's womb, safe and secure.Like nothing would hurt me ever.The place which had nurtured me and made me the person and doctor I am today.The place that gave me inspiring teachers, friends for life and my degree. And not to mention, the setting for my first work of fiction was inspired by this place. The nostalgia of 24 hr duties that sometimes stretched to 28 hrs, the hectic days in the wards and the overcrowded OPD days bring tears of happiness today. The plantings became trees now and the few people who had always been at the institution have changed in appearance.But what has remained the same is the warmth in their smiles. So,this weekend started with creating new memories and reliving the older ones.

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Sudhakar Vardhanapu

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