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The Unknown Traveller ( A Short Story) Suren did not know where to place himself. That day the train was overloaded. In the corner where wrappers dominated, he slipped in and relaxed. The day had been tiring. A few cool breezes, and then a long snore. It was midnight and my train seemed to be relaxing more than I. Once in a while, the shrill sound of vendors pierced to knock me off my dreams. A man happened to curl in, between my shoes. I had warned him to stay away from my lone shoes. He was obedient. He too was so tired. He too had made himself comfortable just like me. While all pushed and jostled for a seat, I protected him. Once again the train ran fast and we reached the last stoppage. Only when I felt the nudge of a stick that I pulled myself. No one was beside my shoes. On asking, people updated," Your friend had got down. Don't you know?" I was tired and sleepy. Didn't wish to explain. It was surprising, I was sleeping once again and my friend was beside me again. This time I was travelling back home, loaded in a local train. The hook had deepened the scar on my hand. The rhythmic nod of the head made me feel giddy. A man stood beside me. "Oh yes, I think I know you." A smile and then no answer. My daily routine demanded a train journey. Some days, I would travel with him, and some days he wasn't to be seen. Which is almost normal. I tried to capture his looks in my mind. It was Saturday, the last working day of the week. This excitement could be seen on many faces. Routined vendors and the familiar yell. A man with a newspaper in hand caught my eyes. He was busy gulping every part of the paper. I unknowingly waited for the captivating stranger. "Seems he'd not join us." How heavy I felt as though he had made me his prisoner. A thin view of the running grasslands made me feel relaxed. Then suddenly, what do my eyes see, " Yes it's him!" This time not beside me. He was in the columns of the newspaper. The headline in bold black read- " Bravo, the team saves all. There is only one Casualty!!"

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