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I was waiting there at the platform engrossed in my thoughts.I was wondering how I am going to do the presentation to my perspective client.I was contemplating the downside of not winning the project which would mean to cut another sorry face to all the people who had loaned me money.It was high time I paid them Nothing was good enough to hold my attention apart from my apprehensions.Neither the sound of the trains ,nor the announcements.I was standing there unaware alone in the crowd just thinking of how to win the project and make ends meet.There were idli sellers,the coolies, the buggies but nothing seemed to deter my anxiety induced thoughts.A boy even approached me to buy water bottle but i just shooed him away. Finally somehow my ears caught attention of the announcement of my train arrival.I picked up my bags and went to the place where my coach was supposed to arrive.I thought it would be good idea to stock sole snacks and hence went to store nearby and brought some biscuits and water.I was about to pay for the items a sudden revelation striked to me. I wondered about the boy who approached me a while ago asking to buy water but i shooed him away.I contemplated .May be the boy was trying to make his ends meet by selling water bottles for a rupee or two.He was doing this at such a young age. Me and the boy were in the same boat.Trying to make ends meet albiet with a different approach.I thought may be the boy must also have anxious thoughts of how much he might earn today and whether he would be able to get his dinner today.Remember he was just earning a rupee or two per bottle sold. With great anticipation I searched for the boy.I left my snacks there and hurriedly searched for him everywhere.But he was no where to be seen.I felt sort of guilty for my initial behaviour but by then my train arrived.And I had to board it Dejected I sat in my seat, looking outside the window.The train was to leave in any minute.Just them i heard a voice saying "Sir Waater'.I turned around and two my good luck it was the same boy.My face was all smiles.I called him near and purchased two bottles of water and asked him to keep the change.The boy smiled and said thanks and continued his journey calling out loud "Sir Waaater"...

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Karthik Dudreja
Husna  Banu

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